Well, it has been quite a hectic month and a half. Some big things happened in my life in a very short amount of time, some good, some horrible. I figured it was time I got you all caught up with what's been going on. Let's start with the ugly.

As many of you know at the beginning of last month my studio was broken into. Everything I used to function as a successful business was taken, both of my cameras, all of my lenses, flash equipment, memory cards, a very important hard drive containing 3 years worth of work, and so much more. It was devastating. The absolute worst part was the feeling I was left with after finding the mess of the break in. I felt so violated, hurt, lost, and confused on how to move forward. I had lost all comfort in my studio and was terrified to walk into it by myself. The first thing I knew was that I needed to get out. That was the end of that space for me and it was time to move on to a location where I felt safe. Explaining the way I felt was nearly impossible and a lot of people didn't understand. The next thing I needed to do was go out and buy a new camera so I could get back to work. I bought the bare necessities and continued on as best as I could in the situation. I am so grateful to the clients that were understanding with me and  flexible with the circumstances. From then on in was an emotional rollercoaster going through the process of the case. I went through all of the stages of grief, but anger was the biggest one for me. How could someone do such a thing. But I moved on to acceptance, I accepted that this person is sick, they needed help. I accepted that other than the 3 items of ours that he pawned, we wouldn't be getting anything back. It was gone for good and that was that. I have continued to get back to normal and do my best not to dwell on the past. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that sometimes you have to have really bad things happen to remind you of the really good things that are still present in life.

And here is where I lead into the good, the really really good. In February my husband Bryce and I found out that we are expecting! I have always wanted to be a mom, always. I am so incredibly excited for it to actually be happening and I love our little peanut so much already. Baby Jorgenson is expected to arrive in October. This baby is the sunshine after the storm and I am so grateful God has blessed us with this little one. On another positive note, Taylor Jane Photography has a big move happening. But shhhh it's still a secret! You guys will have to stay tuned to see whats coming. I promise its worth the wait! Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has stood by me through all of this. I have such amazing friends and family and an amazingly positive group of people supporting TJP. Below is our announcement featuring our sweet little fur babies. I hope you guys enjoy! 

p.s. If you read all the way through this novel you are awesome.