We all know a first blog post can be rough and boring, hardly anyone sees it, you have to talk about yourself which translates into blah blah and some yada yada yada, but you have to start somewhere right? Right! Well for the small handful of people who will actually see this, let me ramble on with the blah blah blahs. Ready?!

            I’m Taylor, some of my close friends and family call me Tay, Tator, crazy, and I often reply to “Hey You!” I’m a photographer located in Fargo that specializes in newborn, milestone, family, and senior photography. It all started way back in high school when I “borrowed” my mom’s Nikon camera for my photography class and well, she never got it back. It’s been picture-taking ever since! I’m a creative brained, arts and crafter, harry potter addict, dog obsessed, 25 year old and my saint of a husband, Bryce, puts up with all of it. When we’re not working you can typically find us enjoying lake time, hanging at a brewery, netflixing, or being anywhere with friends and family.

          Well enough of that! Let’s move on to the point of this whole blog thing. Not only will you get to see highlights of client galleries, or yourself if you play your cards right ;) but this will also be a place for information, education, random inspiration, some “featured friends” and more! So here’s the point when I ask YOU for something, if you have anything you want to learn about, whether it’s how to prepare for sessions, what to wear, why is the sky blue, you name it (photography related or not) let me know! The more input you give the more you will get to read about things that actually interest you. Also if you know anyone who you think could benefit from being featured on the Taylor Jane Photography blog send me their information and maybe we can whip up some magic! I can’t wait to share so many things with all of you beautiful people!